6 Points Checklist For Video Production

There are many things to consider about video. If you want be serious about it and use it for your benefit please check this basics. These really are basics and whether you going to hire us or anybody else I strongly recommend to use is as checklist before you commit to making a video.

1. Production value

Simply put, it has to look great. It is the representation of your company. If it looks unprofessional, it is bad lit with terrible sound that is how your customers will look at you. If you do not want video which looks good then do not do it at all.

Note: Yes, you can make short videos made on iPhone and post it to Facebook or Twitter, that is fine when it’s only quick info, news or some behind the scene few seconds video. But that’s it. Just check out big companies how they really put a lot of effort to create beautiful videos with stories.

2. Target Audience

No surprise there, right? But many times forgotten when it comes to production. Don’t invest in making a video just because it’s the “thing” to do. Be crystal clear about the people you want to reach with the video and what you want from them to do. Here is simple guide of what way to do it: “I WANT TO – MY AUDIENCE – MESSAGE – TO DO” .

3. Hiring Professionals

Now, if you need to fix a sink or car you would usually hire professional depending on how DIY-able you are and whether you have equipment needed. The thing is, it costs money. But just letting you know – it takes a lot of time and result is very uncertain if you are not professional. I remember very well when I was starting with video. Basically, if somebody who has experience will do that for you, not only you will get better results but it saves you time, you will get creative insight etc. In general you can focus on big-picture instead of small screen production issues.

4. Story. Story. Story.

You probably heard this one before. Story is what people are interested in. Story sells, not hard sell messages. But as you can imagine, it is easier said than done. Especially if your company does not sell some sexy or fashion products, right?

But – and this is a good “but” – every company has a story. Every product has a story. Every serious company has a vision, mission statement, a reason why they are here. And that is foundation of you story. It’s just a matter of sitting down and saying it. How did you start? What were the problems? How did you get where you are? Why do customers like your product?

5. Where They Will Watch It

Purpose of the video is to be watched. So you will need to find a place for it where it will be easily accessible, watchable, sharable. Usually for this purpose are best video sharing services like Youtube and Vimeo. Vimeo especially enables you to have your own branded channel without annoying ads or suggested playlists. We use as well. You can also post video directly to Facebook. Or even to your website but you need to have really strong hosting being able to play full HD.

6. Promotion

Now is the time to get it out. You need to share it among friends, use Facebook ads, share it in newsletter to your subscribers and find as many ways to promote it to your target audience as possible.

These are six basics questions which you should use as checklist when considering video for you next communication strategy and campaign.